Keto Meal Delivery Service Launches In The United States

Now, one of the largest grocery delivery companies in the world has opened in Washington, D.C., to bring its popular Keto meals to the capital.

The company is launching on Monday, and has plans to have 20,000 delivery drivers across the U.S. By the end of next year, they expect to have over 300,000 deliveries.

The delivery company’s CEO, Ryan Kondraff, said it’s the culmination of an intense year for the company, which he said has been driven by “our customers’ growing desire for a full-service, fast-food-style delivery.”

It’s not only because of the delivery platform’s fast delivery times and ease of ordering, but also because it’s cheaper than traditional grocery delivery, Kondriff said.

“I’m thrilled about the growth of Keto delivery because it means we can offer great value for our customers and we are able to expand our reach with our more than 100 stores across the United States,” Kondrakff said in a statement.

He said the company plans to work with the government to ensure it is available to everyone.

“The government is the one who has the responsibility to ensure this is an affordable option for all Americans,” Kondo said.