How to find out if Walmart delivery is coming to your town

Wal-Mart has been testing delivery in many of its U.S. locations.

But now the grocery giant is also adding a Walmart delivery option.

The American Council of Community Organizations of Chicago and the Illinois Coalition of Food Banks have announced that they will be launching a Walmart Delivery Service, which will be available to Wal-mart delivery drivers in Chicago, St. Louis, and St. Paul.

According to CCAO, “the service is a partnership between Wal-marts delivery service and community organizations and is designed to provide delivery to neighborhoods with low incomes.

It is expected to expand delivery in the Chicago area and the suburbs in the coming months.”

It’s unclear whether delivery is included in the standard package, or if it will be limited to the first 30 deliveries per week.

The group has launched a Facebook campaign to encourage Wal-Marts drivers to get involved, and they’ve also asked customers to tell their friends about the service.

CCAE says they will continue to track Wal-Merchants efforts to expand the service to other areas.