Grubhub launches nationwide nationwide delivery service to celebrate vegan birthday

VEGAN BIRTHDAY: Here’s what you need to know about the nationwide delivery of vegan birthday cake.

A vegan birthday balloon will be delivered to the home of a vegan from anywhere in the U.S. from Tuesday, Jan. 12.

If you’re a new customer, you can sign up for an online birthday card at a discounted rate.

A personalized greeting card will also be included.

To celebrate the new vegan birthday, the company is holding a “Grubhub for Vegan” event on Jan. 20.

There will also also be giveaways for those who eat out at the company.

The company is also offering a “Vegan Birthday Cake Tour” in Los Angeles, which will feature some of the best vegan restaurants in the country.

This event will feature vegan and vegetarian chefs from around the world, including New York-based chef Scott DeSantis.

Also, the new veggie-friendly restaurant, the Vegan Cafe, will open in Los Angelos this summer.

It will be open for dinner and brunch only, but it will be staffed by two staff members who will be vegan.

The location of the vegan cafe is currently undisclosed, but DeSants said it will have a menu of vegan dishes and a full bar, along with a beer garden, wine bar and a yoga studio.

The Vegan Cafe will be the first vegan restaurant in L.A. that will be serving vegan food, he said.