How to make the perfect monday meal for the rest of your life

Meijer, the world’s largest supermarket chain, announced a partnership with Mariano’s Delivery to deliver groceries to people’s homes and businesses on Sundays.

The food delivery service, which operates across the United States, was founded in 2014 and is based in New York City.

The deal with Marianos will give customers a chance to take delivery for the first time on Sundays during the first two weeks of October, when Meijers stock is out of stock.

The delivery service has grown from being a one-stop shop for food orders to more than 300,000 locations in 15 countries and has an app that lets customers buy groceries at

Marianos has already made a significant contribution to the local economy by serving millions of meals a year.

The grocery delivery service will also provide a service to the elderly and the homeless, who often find themselves homeless because of their inability to afford healthy food.