How to deliver a meal for cheap in China

A delivery man in Chongqing recently made an epic trip across China, delivering food for hundreds of people, with a delivery man on the front row.

The delivery man said that he had a dream when he was younger to become a delivery driver and that he was happy that he is able to deliver food for his family.

According to The Sport, the delivery man, surnamed Chen, was the first person in Chongjie to take part in the first delivery delivery in 2017.

The man told The Sport that his journey across China took him to a variety of places, including an old city that was completely flooded, the city of Qingdao, and several more places in the southern province of Hebei.

He said that the delivery was a challenge because it was so difficult to navigate the streets, as there were so many roads and streets in Chongcheng.

The first delivery took place in the old city of Chongchepng on January 8, and the next one took place on February 4, which was a month after the last delivery.

The Chinese government is trying to improve the delivery process, and in September 2017, the government passed a law that allows people to bring food and goods to rural areas.

Chen told The Sports that he has never had a problem with the Chinese authorities when it comes to delivery.

He has been delivering food to people for around 10 years, and has never been stopped or questioned by police or other authorities, he said.

Couples who want to deliver their food are required to apply for a contract with a local food delivery company, and Chen said that some of his customers have gone through the process.

Chens deliveries have been made across the city, and he said that there were no problems with the trucks because they have a lot of capacity.