Woman who lost her daughter to a tornado is now selling her home in the aftermath

The widow of a woman who lost a child to a tornadoes in Georgia last month says she’s selling her property to help the city rebuild after the deadly event.

Diane O’Leary, of Largo, told ABC News that she and her family moved into a home in a subdivision that was destroyed by the storm.

She said she was shocked to learn that her home was damaged in the tornado that tore through the city of Atlanta on May 30.

“I’m a little stunned that we didn’t survive the tornado.

It’s like the end of the world to me,” O’Brien said.

O’Leary said she’s sold her house, and is looking to sell it to help rebuild the city.

Owens home, where she lost her child, was destroyed during the storms that tore apart Atlanta, Georgia, on May 25.

O’Connor lost her first daughter to the storm, and lost another son in the same incident.

Her daughter had just turned 3 when the tornado struck.