How to avoid a $5,000 mistake at Kroger

On the campaign trail, Bernie Sanders touted his $5.99 pizza delivery fee as a sign of his economic populism and his commitment to a free-market economy.

But he has a problem with one of the big chains that makes the pizza: KFC.

The chain, which has been embroiled in a food safety scandal that is causing many customers to reconsider their patronage of the fast food chain, has started offering a $2.50 coupon for $10 delivery on Wednesday.

“This is a great way to help make our community more affordable,” KFC spokeswoman Brooke Johnson told reporters.

“We have had to make some tough decisions to ensure the safety of our food supply and the safety and quality of the food that we serve.

This new program gives us the opportunity to help our customers who are experiencing food safety issues.”

The $2 fee, which will be available to Kroger, KFC, Panera Bread, Sam’s Club, Sametop, Popeyes and other food retailers, is the latest initiative in an aggressive campaign by the company to address the outbreak of foodborne illness in its stores.

Kroger, the country’s largest supermarket chain, was forced to pay $2 billion in fines last year after it admitted to allowing the company’s employees to handle contaminated raw milk and other potentially dangerous foods.

The company has since been forced to recall over 8 million items and to suspend sales at some stores.

KFC has been ordered to provide more than 1.5 million meals and has agreed to spend millions more on food safety programs, including buying food from suppliers that have not been subject to FDA-approved food safety tests.

On Wednesday, the company will offer $2 deliveries on its website and in stores.

A $2 delivery will cost $10, and a $10 purchase will cost about $1.KFC has also started to offer delivery of baked goods, but has not yet offered delivery of any kind to customers.