How to Order from Bento Boxes on Instagram

The food delivery service has been steadily expanding its online presence, and the BentoBox app has now surpassed 2 million daily active users.

The Bentobox app lets users take photos, order products, and post them to their Instagram account.

Users can also create and share their own bento boxes, as well as make their own and share with friends.

BentoBox currently lets users order from Bentos, boxes, and other items, but it will be launching an “app delivery” feature in the coming weeks.

Users can then add photos to their posts and get an item to go along with the post.

Users will need to be logged into Instagram to be able to post bento photos to the app, but they will also be able post their own Bento boxes.

Users have been able to add Bento box items to their own Instagram posts for years, but the company is now allowing users to add other items to posts.

Users already have the ability to post photos of their own items, so it’s easy for users to share items that they don’t have.

Users also have the option to share their favorite products with others, as long as they’re not in a Bento, box, or other Bento-themed product.

The new Bento app will let users order products on Instagram with the Bentos feature, and it will eventually expand to other products as well.