Why Chipotle will offer email delivery today

Chipotle is going to offer email as a service to all its customers starting today, a spokeswoman for the fast-food chain said Monday.

The announcement comes as the company has faced criticism over the cost of its food delivery service, as it has struggled to compete with Amazon Prime and other rivals.

Chipotle has said it plans to offer delivery for $25 a day to customers living in cities where the cost to deliver food is more than $1.50.

For those living in the suburbs, Chipotle plans to charge $15 a day, the spokeswoman said.

Currently, there are no plans to bring delivery to any other locations.

This will be the first time Chipotle has offered a service like email to customers in the United States, said Lisa Gagnon, the chief operating officer for Chipotle, in an interview with CNNMoney.

She said that once the service is rolled out, the service will be available to all of its customers and that the price will not be higher than that of other delivery options.

A person could use the service to order pizza or take delivery of the items in their cart.

Gagnon said that the service would be delivered via a smartphone app, so customers will not need to physically enter the restaurant to get to the front door.

The rollout is being led by a subsidiary of Amazon called Fulfillment by Amazon, a unit of Amazon Technologies, the company that provides logistics and fulfillment services to companies like Amazon and Whole Foods Market.

Amazon is looking for ways to reduce costs, including using technology like drones, to cut costs and make its products more accessible to consumers.