How to order chicken delivery from Zaxbys, Amazon, FedEx, and more: What to expect

A new startup in Chicago has a different approach to delivery than traditional food delivery.

The startup, Zaxbys, is using a technology that makes it easy for people to order and pay for food delivery through the Zaxys app, said Evan Lacey, a Zaxmys senior vice president of engineering.

In Chicago, where Zaxies service is being offered for $5.99 per delivery, there are two types of delivery options: one for people who need to get groceries, like food or beverages, and another for people wanting to eat fast food.

The first delivery option, Zaydo’s, is for people living in a five-star hotel, for example, where the restaurant has the best food.

But the Zaydos don’t have to be a Zaydopedia member to sign up.

Lacey said Zaydyos service has been available since August.

A second service, Z-delivery, is available in select locations, including Chicago’s Hilton Chicago, the Hyatt Regency and other hotels.

Zaydeo’s has expanded to more locations in other major cities.

“The challenge with Zaydel is that it’s not the right service for everyone, especially people who want to order something fast,” said Matt Fink, an Uber executive and Zayda’s founder.

“People want convenience, they want to eat, they’re hungry, and they want it delivered to their home, but they also want to make sure their delivery driver is up to date on all the latest delivery trends.”

Fink said the Z-and-Zaydodos apps are “much better at handling this than other delivery platforms” because they can automatically connect to other services.

“We’re able to build an ecosystem around the delivery services and connect people to the delivery companies,” he said.

Zaydel’s app also has a special delivery discount.

Users can order a delivery at Zayden’s in Chicago’s Near North Side for $9.99, which is $5 off the normal price of $8.99.

Zays app has an additional, cheaper delivery option.

Z-Delivery has a discount of $5 for the first hour of the delivery, $7.99 for the next hour, and $10 for the last hour.

Zays is also offering free deliveries of $10 to anyone in the US.

“This is the future of food delivery,” Fink said.