Amazon’s new delivery option, chick-fish delivery, comes with a price tag

A new delivery service launched by Amazon on Wednesday has a price of $79.99.

That’s about 40 cents less than the cost of a standard delivery, which includes an array of items, including a chicken nugget, a salad, and some milk.

The chicken nuggets are priced at $0.99 each and the salad is priced at 50 cents per piece, while the milk costs $0 for the package and $2.50 for a bottle.

The company says the delivery is the result of customer feedback and that it’s working with some restaurants in the U.S. to offer delivery of their food to customers.

“We wanted to bring this delivery service to our customers and let them try out a new delivery method that doesn’t involve paying the extra for the delivery service,” a spokesperson for the company said in a statement.

The delivery service will be available for Amazon customers in the United States starting June 30, and in select cities around the world.

It’s available to Amazon Prime members in the US and Canada and is also available for $79 per month.

It’s also possible to add the delivery to your Amazon Prime account, though the company’s official announcement did not specifically say which plans you might want to opt into.

Amazon’s Chick-fil.

A has also partnered with Amazon Prime, which lets customers shop for groceries with the company by shopping through the site.

Amazon Prime will also give customers free two-day shipping on Amazon products for the first year of their Prime membership.

Amazon’s first delivery to Canada, with delivery to the Amazon region, was made available to customers on June 15, according to the company.

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