How to order groceries from Walmart’s grocery delivery service

Walmart is the first grocery delivery company to offer free delivery for a limited time.

Walmart is offering free delivery to residents of the state of Mississippi, a state where Walmart is located.

The company will offer free food delivery on Wednesday, February 9th, according to

Walmart’s food delivery service has been popular in the states where Walmart operates, including Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas.

The company says it will offer delivery for the rest of the week, and that customers should expect delivery on Tuesday, February 10th.

The service will only be available to residents who are eligible to receive free delivery, but it will not include food delivery in other areas of the country, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Customers who are enrolled in Walmart’s Family Dollar program and who are over 18 will be eligible to participate in free food deliveries.