How to get a great deal on the best Amazon Prime membership

Amazon Prime members can get a better deal on their membership through a new promotion, according to The Washington Times.

Starting today, Amazon Prime Members can get up to $75 off their first order of $200.

That’s the lowest price you’ll find on a membership, and if you order $200 or more in the next 24 hours, you’ll get free shipping on the entire order.

Amazon Prime is an Amazon Prime service that lets you pay $99 a year or $199 a year for an annual subscription, which is usually the same price as an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

It comes with free two-day shipping, free Prime Music and Prime Video, and Prime Day, which allows you to access your Amazon Cloud Drive files.

Amazon said Prime members who sign up for the program can also get free two weeks of unlimited Prime Music streaming.

If you already have a Prime membership, you can skip the $75 membership offer.

Amazon says Prime memberships cost $99.99 a month, which will be cheaper than the current price of $99, or $149 for the year.

Amazon also said Prime membership offers “an unprecedented value for Prime members,” and it said the program offers members the chance to “create a unique, personalized Amazon shopping experience for themselves and their family.”

Amazon says Amazon Prime also offers other benefits, such as Prime-exclusive discounts on the Prime Music service and Prime-only discounts on Amazon products.