The world’s most expensive fruit delivery service, wawa, launches

The world is in the midst of a fruit boom.

Wawa, a US online grocery delivery service founded by Wawa Inc, will launch in India next week.

The company, which will be available in Mumbai and other cities across the country, will offer a wide variety of fresh and frozen fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

It will be offered by WAWA and its affiliates, including, and has a market value of US$6 billion, which means it will soon have the largest market cap of any online grocer.

The service will offer both direct and indirect delivery.

“The Wawa ecosystem is exploding and this is an exciting time for us to be launching Wawa in India,” Wawa Chief Executive Officer Josh Laitner said in a statement.

Wawa has partnered with the Prime Minister’s Office to deliver its fruit and vegetable package in Mumbai.

The service, which is free and available in India, is designed to increase the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables, while also serving as a gateway for consumers to choose from the widest range of vegetables and fruits available.

Amazon has partnered up with Wawa to deliver the Prime Meals.

Prime Meals, which have been available in the US since January, include items like hot dogs, french fries, biscuits, pizza and chicken wings.

The Prime Meats are priced at US$2.99 per pound and will be distributed in the next six weeks, Amazon said in its launch announcement.

On Wednesday, Prime Meal India had raised an undisclosed amount from Amazon in a pre-Series B round led by Flipkart founder Sachin Bansal, while Flipkarten has committed an undisclosed sum to Wawa.

Wawa will offer delivery to all major cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Chennai, Bengalul, Hyderkulam and Kochi.

It also will operate in select other states including Karnataka, Kerala, Kerala-Assam and Telangana.

According to a report by Mint, the company will launch two new categories: fruit and vegetables and food items.

It is expected to launch in Mumbai, Mumbai-NCR, Bangalore, Chennai and Ahmedabad.