The first-ever ‘virtual’ alcohol delivery service to accept bitcoins to deliver alcohol

A virtual alcohol delivery company is launching to take bitcoin payments to the beer bar in Seattle, Washington.

A startup called Beer Delivery Company (BDC) has launched a bitcoin payment service that can accept bitcoin as payment for delivery of alcohol.

The company is hoping to capitalize on the fact that bitcoin’s price has soared over the past year, allowing consumers to enjoy beer in virtual stores without the cost of traditional retail stores.

Beer Delivery Company, founded in December, will be accepting bitcoins as payment as soon as it becomes available.

The Seattle-based company, which is still in the early stages of development, hopes to open its doors to other cities in the next few weeks.

Beer Delivery’s chief executive, Matt Gulliver, said the company will accept bitcoins as a payment method.BDC was founded in November 2017.

Gullivers website says the service will provide consumers with a variety of options for purchasing alcoholic beverages in-person, online, through an app or by telephone.

Gulliver said his company is targeting the Seattle area because the city has a relatively large and well-established beer scene.

He said the service would not necessarily cater to a wider demographic, but instead aim to cater to those who enjoy a beer but want to pay with bitcoins, rather than cash.

Gillespie said it’s hard to tell whether bitcoin is a good investment for the company, because the company is not yet offering any sort of margin financing.

But, Gillespie said, the company’s technology could be attractive to those looking to use the digital currency to purchase alcohol.

Bitcoin’s value has skyrocketed over the last year, but that has not necessarily impacted its ability to deliver drinks online.

Bitcoin prices have surged by hundreds of percent since November 2017, according to CoinDesk, but it has not taken the same drastic jump in the price of alcohol delivery services.

Bitcoin is still a relatively new technology, and its volatility is largely a function of supply and demand.

Bitcoin was introduced in 2009, and has since grown in popularity.

But it is still relatively new in the industry, and the number of businesses accepting it is relatively small.

Bitcoin users are often looking for a more secure and secure way to pay for goods and services, because they’re able to spend their bitcoins on bitcoin-related products.

Gillon said Bitcoin was the fastest growing payment method for bitcoin-accepting businesses in the past three years.

The service has been popular with businesses, but its volatility has been high.

Bailiffs are also interested in Bitcoin, Gullivors site says.

Gillon said that when a business is in trouble with the bank, the bailiff can then send bitcoin to the business, and then a Bitcoin exchange will be set up in the business for the bailiffs account.

He added that when Bitcoin is accepted by a local bank, that bailiff will get to keep the bitcoins as they are.

Goulders said that the company has not yet found a way to charge bitcoin for delivery.

The company does not have a minimum price for its services, but is seeking to raise $50,000 in a Kickstarter campaign to make the company a viable business.

Gilders website states that the beer delivery service will cost $1 to $3 per pint of beer and $2 to $4 for a six-pack of beer.