New York Jets Gift Basket Delivery Gets Some Flak For It: A “Crazy” Package Arrives in Jersey

By now, most Jets fans are familiar with the infamous “Wicked Package” from the Jets Super Bowl 50 win over the Seattle Seahawks.

In this instance, the package included a giant, customized “Jets” jersey, a custom “Gift Basket” of “Jersey Mikes” to be delivered to each of the Jets players, and a “Crown” to display on the jersey as a reminder of the “great journey” they’ve been on together.

It was just one of many items that the Jets delivered during Super Bowl XLVI, a moment that will forever remain a flashpoint for the team.

Now, it appears that the package has been turned into a gift basket, with the Jets announcing that it will be delivered in the form of a “Jerseys Gift Baskets” and will be sold at an auction.

The items will be available to anyone with an “NFC Card” that was purchased with the Super Bowl ticket or season ticket.

“We are excited to announce the release of Jets Gift baskets as part of our new Super Bowl sponsorship campaign, which is part of the NFL’s celebration of the 100th anniversary of the New York Giants in 2019,” the Jets wrote on Twitter.

“To mark the 50th anniversary, we will be hosting a game featuring the Jets and the NFL, the world’s most popular sports league, and the Jets Gift Bag will be part of this special celebration.

We know the Jets have been an inspiration to fans for so many years and we want to make it as memorable as possible.”

The Jets’ gift basket was the latest addition to a line of products being sold during Super Sunday that included NFL players, coaches, and executives, with a variety of items ranging from t-shirts to autographed autographed jerseys.

A portion of the proceeds from the NFL event will go to the NFL Players Association.

New York Jets players wait for a play to begin during the first half of Super Bowl XXXV against the Indianapolis Colts in New Orleans on January 15, 2020.