CVS delivers delivery in Houston, TX

CVS delivered delivery in the Houston, Texas metro area on Thursday, according to a press release.

The delivery, which took place on Interstate 10, was made by a delivery company.

The announcement comes less than two weeks after a CVS Pharmacy in West Palm Beach, Florida, was robbed of more than $500,000 worth of drugs. 

In a statement, the CVS said: We appreciate the vigilance of our customers and look forward to continuing to provide great value and value for our customers.

In a previous press release, CVS noted the recent robberies in Pittsburgh and Baltimore.

In the Pittsburgh robbery, a man with a handgun was seen entering a Cargill gas station and pointing a gun at the employee, the release said.

Cargills CEO and CEO John Noguchi said in the statement that CVS was working with local authorities to “help identify the individual and locate the drugs that were stolen.”

In Baltimore, a group of robbers were seen at a Cabela’s grocery store and demanded cash, according the release.

A CVS pharmacist was forced to use a gun on the robbers, and when the robbers left the store, they were confronted by police.

A total of three robbers were arrested and charged with armed robbery, possession of stolen property and criminal mischief, according a statement from Baltimore Police Department.

The CVS release said the pharmacy was “satisfied with the safety and security of our distribution network and continues to work with local law enforcement and local law-enforcement partners to address the matter.”