How to order a food delivery in Winnipeg

The city of Winnipeg will begin offering a new way to order food deliveries to a growing number of Canadians, beginning with delivery trucks.

The Winnipeg Food Delivery Program, which began in January, allows customers to place their order online and receive a truck that arrives in Winnipeg.

“We’re really pleased with how it’s working,” said Winnipeg Food Marketing Manager, Mike Menn.

“It’s just a matter of time before it starts being a popular choice for Canadians.”

The trucks can deliver up to three pounds of food for $1.99 a pound, or about $3.50.

The food can also be brought to customers’ homes for a reduced price of $1 for a box of chips, or $1 extra for a serving of soup or salad.

“With the increase in delivery, we’re seeing more people who are wanting to make their food delivery options available to more people,” said Menn, who says he expects delivery to be popular across the city by mid-December.

Food trucks are not a new idea in Canada.

A new business in the city was recently launched in October that offers delivery of food to local businesses.

The Winnipeg Food Program is the first to offer delivery to food businesses, Menn said.

He says Winnipeg Food is just the latest example of a growing food service industry, and that food delivery will continue to grow.

“It’s really about growing the number of food businesses and the number who are going to use it,” Menn added.