How to make a Walmart delivery a Walmart gift

Wal-Mart Delivery has been around for a while, but the company is finally getting serious about its delivery service.

Walmart’s website launched a new delivery app, Walmart Delivery, earlier this week, which allows customers to get their groceries from the Walmart store, including fresh produce and meats, to their doorstep in just 30 minutes.

The app allows shoppers to order groceries from Wal-mart and select their delivery time.

The delivery service is currently available in 11 states and Washington, D.C. The new app offers customers the option to place their order and get it shipped straight to their door, while also offering more flexibility with delivery times and delivery times at different locations.

Customers can choose to pick up at the store or at a delivery point.

Walmart is offering its new app free for three months.

The new Walmart Delivery app lets shoppers choose where they want their groceries delivered, like a Walmart store or a delivery points.

For instance, customers can choose from delivery points in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Denver, Phoenix, Portland, Denver and Austin.

Customers can order their groceries online, as well as via Walmart’s smartphone app.

The company has also started offering delivery on the Walmart Mobile app, which will offer customers delivery service on select Walmart stores in the coming months.

Walmart’s new delivery service, which also has an online option, allows customers in the U.S. and Canada to order their own groceries.

Walmart said that it will also start offering delivery service to customers in select locations in Europe in the future.

The retailer has also partnered with and the FedEx trucking service, FedEx Express.