How to deliver Christmas trees

This article originally appeared on the Lad Bible, an online bible publishing service.

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Like many Christian communities, some people in North Carolina have opted for Christmas tree delivery services to keep their holiday season alive.

Some people are still working with their local Christmas tree service to try and get their trees delivered to their homes.

The Lad Bible offers a Christmas tree tree delivery service for people in rural North Carolina.

The service allows customers to pick up their tree from a local tree farm.

The tree is then delivered to the customer’s home.

The company also offers a water delivery service.

The customer has to pay for the water, and Lad Bible charges a $5 per 1,000 gallons charge for each service.

It also offers insurance, and customers are given a special card to keep the trees.

A representative for the company told the News & Observer that the service has been working with more than 100 customers in North Carolinians.

They also say that they are looking into bringing the service to other areas in the state.