Obama says he will sign law that will protect workers, drivers

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA says he’s confident that the law that protects workers and drivers will withstand legal challenges and is the right thing to do.

The president told reporters Tuesday that he’s “100 percent confident” the law will stand up to court challenges.

“It is the law,” Obama said.

“I’m 100 percent confident it will stand the test of time.”

But he added that the new legislation will also address the problems with the outdated, and often unsafe, delivery methods currently used by many drivers.

“We will be working with our partners in Congress to ensure that these technologies are safe and that they’re used by all,” Obama added.

The law also will allow drivers to choose from a variety of transportation options to get from point A to point B. It also will require carriers to report how much drivers use delivery companies in a given year, including the cost of the services.

The administration has said the law is a necessary first step in protecting drivers, but the new law will still need to be implemented in many states and cities.

Obama has made delivering things by foot and bicycle a cornerstone of his campaign, and the president also said Tuesday that “everyday Americans are making the transition to using vehicles, whether for shopping or errands.”

“We’re going to get to work on a law that gives all of us access to safe, reliable transportation, including by making it easier for every American to get where they need to go,” he said.