How to pay your water bill online and pay by debit

The world’s biggest retailer has unveiled its latest digital payment options, which it says will make paying by debit easier and more convenient for consumers.

The company has rolled out a new way of paying for water services, which is available for both home and business customers.

The new payment options allow customers to pay by credit card, debit card, prepaid card or online, according to a release.

This means customers will be able to pay their water bills by credit or debit card.

The water company says the new payment solutions, which will be rolling out globally by the end of September, will simplify the payment process.

Water bills have become a huge issue for many consumers, with more than 1.3 billion Australians reporting being unable to pay for their water.

It’s been a problem for many years, especially in remote areas where water is scarce, especially if you live in rural areas.

Water is a major part of our everyday lives and the most common way to pay our bills is by using a credit card.

It will be a simple process to use and it will be easy to understand and understand the payment options available to us, said Andrew Loynes, Chief Operating Officer at Water Australia.

We think this is a fantastic opportunity to deliver a simple and easy way to make a payment to customers across the country.

Water customers can use their water billing information to pay the bills online, via mobile, or by phone, by visiting and selecting their payment method from the list of payment options.

The Water Account Centre will then process the payments and send a confirmation to your bank account.

There are no extra fees for the new water payment options or the existing options.

It is also easy to open a new account if you do not have one already.