Amazon deliveries get a boost with a new delivery service

A new delivery delivery service called Amazon Delivery delivers items to customers in the UK and other parts of Europe with a single click.

The service uses a combination of a smartphone app and Amazon’s delivery robots, but can deliver products to an average of up to 10 people in a single day.

BBC News reports the service is available to UK customers for the first time. 

The new service will be offered by Amazon to customers for $39.99 a month from September.

Amazon says deliveries are “available in a wide range of sizes, including small items, as well as larger items such as bags and larger packages”.

Delivery is also possible using a drone. 

Amazon has been offering delivery for some time, but the service has been in testing since 2015, and only launched in the US and UK. 

Currently, delivery can be delivered from the US to the UK, and from the UK to the US, with other destinations as well. 

One of the new products that Amazon is bringing to the service in the next few months is a “dinosaur sized” “doughnut” that comes with a “treat” of cheese and a banana.

The product can be ordered as a “delivery snack”, “deliveries” or “delivered” and will be available in a range of flavours, including “nutty and savoury”. 

It is not clear how much of the £39.95 that Amazon has paid for the new service it will be used for.

Amazon said it would not be “exploiting the delivery service” and was “not seeking to disrupt the delivery experience”. 

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