When Kroger’s new delivery app lets you buy your groceries online

Kroger announced today that it is introducing a new delivery service that lets customers order groceries online.

Customers who sign up for the new service can choose from a variety of grocery delivery options, including sushi delivery.

Customers will receive an email when their groceries arrive and a link to the delivery website once it is available.

Customers can then pay for the delivery by phone and receive an automated check-in, where the person picking up their groceries can enter their payment information and order the groceries.

Customers should also be aware that they will need to bring their credit card to check-out, since the check-ins are tied to Kroger Pay.

Customers have been able to order groceries with a Kroger card for some time, but this new service offers the option to pay for groceries through their account, which will be used to pay Kroger at checkout.

Kroger will also offer the option for customers to pay with a credit card, though no date has been announced for when this will be available.