Which delivery drivers should you hire to deliver food to the homeless?

On the night of November 11, 2016, three men were killed and two others wounded in a shooting at a convenience store in Culver City, California. 

As of November 17, the Los Angeles County coroner’s office had identified three of the victims as Michael J. Culver, 51, and Nicholas J. Salazar, 52. 

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Culver’s brother, Joseph Culver Sr., said his brother had recently become homeless after years of drug addiction and was struggling to keep up with his responsibilities as a delivery driver. 

Culver’s sister, Sarah, said that she was trying to help her brother. 

“He has no other job,” she said.

“He has to keep working to pay for his food, but he just can’t afford it.”

After hearing the news of the shooting, Sarah Culver Jr. contacted her brother’s ex-wife, Angela, who called her at home to tell her the news.

“I’m a widow,” Angela Culver said. 

Sarah Culver told The Daily Post that her brother had told her that he needed help. 

She said that her father-in-law, Richard, was a truck driver who was shot in the neck and was later transferred to the hospital for treatment.

She said she told her father, who died last month, that her sister-in­law, who was the only person to see him in the hospital, had already died.

The Culver family said that their brother’s death was a direct result of the “horrendous crime” and called on the Los Angles County District Attorney’s Office to prosecute the suspects in the shooting. 

Angela Culver declined to speak with The Associated Press about her brother, saying only, “I’m not going to talk about it anymore.” 

The Culvers family, which includes six children, told The Post that the three victims were shot at the same convenience store where a gunfight broke out.

A video of the incident, obtained by The Post, shows an argument that broke out between the two men, with one of the suspects firing a shot that struck the other.

It is unclear whether the men were armed at the time of the fight, and a police officer who responded to the scene said the men did not appear to be in a fight.

Sarah Culvert said that the shooting was a horrible accident that “shattered the lives of so many of us.” 

“I think this is one of those tragedies where it’s all a result of something that happened in the past,” she told The Associated Post.

“You have to put yourself in the shoes of a lot of people and the pain that they are going through.

 “It’s hard to say it, but we were going through a lot, and it’s a tragedy.”

The Culves are now seeking justice for their brother.”

I hope that he is vindicated because we have no justice for our brothers,” Sarah Culvert Sr. said.

Culvars sister, who is homeless, also declined to discuss the case. 

A spokesperson for the District Attorney, Jason Gonzalez, told the Los Alamos News that he would not be commenting on the case “due to the ongoing investigation.”

The Los Angeles Police Department said it was aware of the investigation, and said that it was investigating the case as a homicide.

Anyone with information is asked to call the LASD Homicide Tip Line at (323) 654-7500.