FedEx: Delivery to feeder farms will resume at least until late April

FedEx says delivery to feeders will resume as soon as the agency gets new facilities in place.

The company announced the move at a breakfast event in New York City, where it announced plans to expand its presence at the two feeder farmers that have been operating without the company’s help.

The announcement comes after a series of delays for deliveries of food to feed animals at three facilities, where farmers said the delivery times have doubled or tripled in the last year.

FedEx says it has been working with the feeders for some time, and that it is in the process of making adjustments to its logistics.

But the company has not released any details about what those adjustments might entail.

FedEX is also ramping up its fleet of vans, buses and delivery trucks.

In a recent announcement, the company said it was adding 1,100 vans and buses to its fleet this year.

The new FedEx vehicles are equipped with a more powerful electric motor that can move the feeder vehicles closer to their food than they did a year ago.

FedEx also is planning to increase the number of trucks that can deliver food.