What you need to know about Jimmy Johns and its upcoming delivery service

When it comes to delivery services, there are some things you should know about J.J. and Jimmy John’s.1.

What is Jimmy Johns?

Jimmy Johns is a privately held company with more than 2,400 locations around the world, including the U.S.2.

What’s J. J. Johnson doing with Jimmy Johns?

J.J.-owned Jimmy Johns has been serving up fresh, hot, and healthy meals to its customers since 2003.JJ-owned Jimmy John has also been offering delivery services since 2006.3.

Jimmy Johns is getting ready to open a second store in Kansas City.

What’s the deal with Jimmy John?

Jimmy Johns operates its stores as franchised stores under a separate franchisee agreement with the franchisee that is based in New York.

Jimmy Johns is not allowed to have a franchisee in any other part of the country.4.

Is Jimmy Johns a competitor to other delivery services?

Yes, Jimmy Johns does compete with other delivery companies like J.C. Penney and FedEx.5.

Can Jimmy Johns be sued?


Jimmy John and J. C. Penneys have been sued several times for violating their franchise agreements.

Jimmy John has faced similar legal challenges, including a lawsuit in Florida, where a judge ruled that the company’s franchise agreements did not provide adequate protection for its employees and customers.