FourFour Two: Food delivery app stores in Washington, DC

FourFourThree, an app that allows customers to order groceries from restaurants and grocery stores, has received approval from the state Department of Commerce for expansion in Washington state.

The company, which operates in Washington and New Jersey, will now be allowed to offer groceries at the same price as delivery services like Uber and Lyft.

The state’s Department of Transportation has given the approval, which could allow it to start operating in 2018, the company announced on Monday.

FourFour is one of the first apps to be approved in Washington for food delivery, which is also allowed in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The state’s approval means that more than 30 food delivery startups in Washington will now have a presence in the state, which includes the suburbs of Seattle, Tacoma and Bellevue, the largest cities in the US.

The approval allows FourFour to begin operating in Washington in 2018 and allows it to expand in other states.

Four Four’s location in Washington is just one example of how the startup has been able to expand its business in the last year, according to the company.

The company is seeking to expand to other states in 2019, but the process has taken longer than anticipated due to regulatory restrictions, said Jonathan Zwier, managing partner at FourFour.

We’re looking to have a robust presence in all 50 states, but that process has been a little bit longer than originally anticipated,” he said.

He added that FourFour will need to work with local regulators to get the food delivery services license to begin operations in states that have them, such as California, New York and Pennsylvania, in 2018.