What’s next for giant delivery company Chipotle?

The Chipotle chain has a few big plans going forward.

It has already bought up more than 3,000 parcels from a farmer in Oregon.

The company has also said it is planning to bring in an all-natural delivery service to the US.

Now, one big problem: Chipotle’s delivery service isn’t quite what the company was hoping for.

The new service is a delivery service for Chipotle chips that are “all natural”.

That means that they don’t come from genetically modified organisms.

Instead, they are all grown from seeds.

But it does mean that, while Chipotle may be able to offer a new delivery service, it’s not as convenient as it would have hoped.

Chipotle is a big player in the cannabis sector, so it’s understandable that they wanted to expand their delivery services.

But in the meantime, we know that there are still some hurdles in the way of a smooth rollout.